New Serfdom — NaNo Creep

It’s reached the point where I’m very aware of the days passing. The countdown on the front page of the NaNo site isn’t helping any, either. Little whiffs of panic are beginning to swirl around, and the feeling that maybe this time, I won’t make it. I’m making progress on the novel, but at a pace that’s beginning to look too slow.

A very new development is the possibility that I might begin the novel with a piece of foreshadowing rather than some variation on the scene I posted on September 30. Instead of the shipment of convicts arriving, it would be more dramatic to open just as an execution is about to take place. Who is being executed, and why? And who is going to do the deed?

This gives me a whole new set of problems to work out. Give away too much, and when it actually happens later, it will look like anticlimax. Don’t give enough, and it will just be confusing and pointless. I’ve never done anything like it before, so it’s going to be a real challenge.

Then there’s the reason this scene will exist at all. I know who commits the crime, and why, but I haven’t thought about it very much yet, and I have no idea how it will take place, or exactly at what point in the story it will happen. All I know at the moment is that it can’t take place until after another important event has already happened. It’s a bare idea with no substance right now, and this late in the game, that’s somewhat scary.

What the whole novel feels like right now is a lot of scenes, most of them dangling in thin air, without solid connections. It’s as if all the bones of a skeleton were dangling by strings rather than connected to each other. Gotta get that hip bone connected to its leg bone. Only 21 more days to work it out.


5 thoughts on “New Serfdom — NaNo Creep

  1. Sounds like a cool concept. Maybe because I just got off jury duty and had to hear a trial LOL. Good luck with NaNo; it can get stressful at times. My first time trying it was a few months ago, and I was afraid I wouldn’t finish by 30 days. My writing buddy (we did the challenge together) put it all in perspective: the point of NaNo isn’t about word count, it’s about getting a finished product at the end. Even if it may take a little more time than 30 days.

    Keep smiling,

  2. You are really drawing me in with this whole NaNo thing. Have you considered turning the NaNo related posts into an ebook? You could gather the posts so far (or from previous runs as well) and add more as the NaNo month unfolds. Your way of talking about the NaNo experience brings out the creative tension and excitement,

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliment, Thomas. Yes, I do plan to pull the best of the NaNo posts into an ebook eventually. (If I live long enough. The projects are piling up like you wouldn’t believe.) Maybe in time for next year’s NaNo?

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