Odds and Ends — Very Small Rants

1. I won’t be putting the NaNo Participant badge on my blog this year because it’s a butt-ugly piece of crap.

2. I have no idea who Jimmy Savile is (or was, apparently), but judging by the number of unavoidable articles all over what I normally consider news sites, the Brits really have it in for him. Even if he was a genuwine SOB in life, as so many famous people are, why is digging up dirt, or reading about the dirt others have dug up, such a a fascinating way to spend your time? This obsession with nosing into the sh-t of other people’s lives seems to me a symptom of the emptiness that is the reality of modern life.

3. As an antidote to self-pity and fascination with people whose lives you have no business nosing around in, try a few of these Voices from Solitary.

4. There is a segment of the human population that depends on the power of hatred for their very existence. Remember this when you try to introduce facts into any discussion with them.

5. If you’re going to write about blogging, take note. “Blog” is the container. “Post” is the content. When you write your daily bit, it’s a post, not a blog. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends — Very Small Rants

  1. Very crisp, dry and perceptive. You say some folks ” depend on the power of hatred for their very existence.” Does this not imply an inner instability and the need to prove oneself? And if we were to hold this awareness, would such hatred have anything to do with us or effect us?


    1. I do believe such hatred implies a damaged personality, one that has found, or been taught, that it can “heal” or stabilize itself that way. It does, of course, affect us, and everyone with whom it comes into contact.

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