Already Addicted to Squidoo

The last thing in the world I should be doing right now is getting caught up in a new project. But I’m being very self-disciplined about this (don’t anybody dare laugh), working on my first lens a little bit at a time. I already have a short bio up, and now I’m building a lens on how to use Scrivener for nonfiction projects. Squidoo saves your work, so you can add to it, edit, add or rearrange modules, and know that it will be waiting for you when you have time to get back to it.

I like to bop around the site, looking at lenses on various topics, and getting ideas for building my own. The most interesting part of it is finding lenses on topics that I plan to develop, and realizing that I can do it better. I have the feeling that a lot of people try to get as many lenses published as possible, thinking that will bring readers (and money). So they toss out sloppy lenses without much solid information. Hmm. Sounds just like the people who throw a bunch of novels and short stories at Amazon and expect the readers to come running.

What really makes Squidoo worthwhile for me is that I have so damned much information on so many subjects, with no good way to do anything with it. A website for each subject? Way too much work, and how would I let people know they exist? Blogging? I could create a blog for each topic, but again, too much work. The beauty of Squidoo is that I can create what amounts to a web page for each topic, and they’re all available just by going to my bio page.

And then there’s the money. But not every lens will have money-making modules. And just as with anything else, building an audience will take time. So it’s a long-term investment of my time that will pay off slowly, but with the potential to build into something solid.


4 thoughts on “Already Addicted to Squidoo

  1. I knew I should have stuck with Squidoo when I signed up years back. Now you’ve convinced me but in the meantime I have several blogs and run half a dozen websites. Grrrr. I’d like to somehow migrate all my blogs from blogger to Squidoo now but that’s not going to be possible and what of all my subscribers/followers. Darn!

    1. I know I should feel guilty, but I had to laugh. Sorry. But I do understand your frustration. I guess I’m just lucky that I’ve never been ambitious enough to do all that work, and now that I’ve been tempted back to Squidoo I know it’s just what I need. If you’re really interested in going back, why not just take your time and build lenses based on your sites. You can start out by linking them, and then, if it seems that your readers will follow you, discontinue the websites. Of course, if the lenses get to be popular, they’ll make up for any readers you’d lose in switching over.

      I’ve seen a few lenses that seem to go on forever, but they’re so full of information that it’s like exploring an entire website.

      1. Well of course you had to laugh. It’s funny. I’m laughing at myself too. I’ve gone over to Squidoo so many times in past few years, thinking should I or shouldn’t I? You might have a point. My blogs are good. I can always let my followers know I’m migrating and ask them to follow me. If it’s important to them, they will. I’ve got no aversion to making some pennies while I’m at it either. That’s why I started with Blogger ie. could run adsense on there. Never earned much with it though. Must do some serious thinking. Thanks for your post. I’ll be interested in seeing how you go.

        1. I’ve heard so many horror stories about Adsense that I was never tempted to try it. And there’s that $100.00 minimum, unless they’ve changed it.

          I’ll be posting about Squidoo every now and then. There probably won’t be any reports about money for a good long time, though.

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