Storm report

There’s been one short power outage this afternoon, and with the winds increasing, it’s pretty likely that electricity will go away within the next 12 hours and stay away. For how long? Could be days. So if I’m not responding to comments, that will be why.

Hope everyone who reads this blog and is in Sandy’s path stays safe. Take care, everyone.


6 thoughts on “Storm report

  1. This doesn’t seem like a good time to preserve our lengthy falling-out. I’m thinking about you and all my cyberacquaintances in the East!

  2. Stay safe, Catana. Hope you have a gas bottle and burner. A friend of mine, who used to be a survivalist, gave me one on an extended loan. I’ve never had to use it yet, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

    1. My stove runs on natural gas, so no problem there. I can cook, and we even have heat, for now. I’m not that will continue if the power goes out. I imagine the thermostats requires electricity.

      So far, looks as if I’ll survive. I’m keeping my computer off most of the time because we had several micro-outages — everything stayed on except the computer, and that kind of shut-down isn’t really good for it.

  3. Get past those damaging computer shut-downs with an uninterruptable power supply. These have really come down in price, and if you shut down as soon as it kicks in, you don’t need a big one. They are rated for three years, but I replace mine only every five. I haven’t lost a single word of unsaved work since I started using my APC units. American made and absolutely top drawer.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas. I haven’t thought about those in years, not since leaving south Florida, where storms and outages are a normal part of life. I’ll definitely be getting one. Outages aren’t usual here, but that may not be as true now. (She says after a post-storm overnight outage of 15 hours.) Somebody upstairs has a nasty sense of humor.

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