Writing Plans for 2013

I make a lot of spur-of-the-moment decisions, some of them good and some of them bad. There’s no telling which this will be. With more than a year of book-selling under my belt, and knowing that any fiction I write is going to have a very small audience, I’m preparing, mentally, to shift my emphasis, at least for a while, to nonfiction. When NaNo is over, I’m going to concentrate on getting the next novel published, though I’m back and forth about whether it will be Gift of the Ancien or The Warden. After that, I’m turning to a nonfiction project I’ve had in mind for quite a while.

There’s no guarantee that a series of short ebooks on writing will sell any better than my novels, but I need to diversify, and maybe my talent for explanation will pay off. One advantage of writing short books on individual topics is that they may appeal to people who are tired of buying how-to-write books that more or less regurgitate material that’s been hashed over thousands of times. Books that prove to have only one or two useful chapters. Another advantage is that I can sell them cheaply, no more than $1.99, and possibly less. And another is that Squidoo, if I continue with it, is the perfect platform to publicize them and point to their Amazon links.

The project? Gathering my blog posts into topics, and expanding them to be as useful as possible. There’s a huge amount of material buried here, where it’s hard to find, even for me, even with the category menu. I’ve made a very small start on it, but keep putting it aside to focus on fiction. I’m not abandoning fiction and will continue to write and edit, with an eye to continued publishing.

Maybe I should consider that my New Year’s resolution.

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