Hurricane report, NaNo, Goodreads

Sandy was almost anti-climactic after all the terrorizing media stories, but I kind of expected that. Of course, being nowhere near the coast, massive flooding wasn’t one of the things I had to worry about. By ten last evening, it seemed that the wind was dropping slightly, and this morning we’re back to normal rainy, slightly windy weather. Electricity never failed entirely; instead we have no heat or hot water, with temps in the upper 40s. Some kind of damage to the thermostat, which is outdoors, is the likely answer.

As for NaNo, now a day and a half away, enthusiasm is rather lacking. I deleted the blog where I’d planned to post the daily output because I don’t intend to finish the novel during November. Unless I’m on a roll, which I doubt, I’ll probably quit once I’m a few hundred words past 50,000, and leave the rest for some time next year. And I suspect this will be my last NaNo.

On the truly cheerful side, got an email from Goodreads last night. They’ve deleted the accounts of the people who trashed my ratings. Ratings have returned to normal, thank goodness. It took a full two weeks to get around to it, and I was trying to resign myself to the damage being permanent, but an apology for the length of time it took came along with the news, so all is well.


7 thoughts on “Hurricane report, NaNo, Goodreads

  1. Good news about Goodreads – sounds like they’re cleaning up their act a bit.
    I’m glad you escaped the worst of the storm and have power.

    If Nano is no longer suiting you as a motivator, there’s not much point trying to work within its perimeters.

    1. I’d read something about Goodreads setting up some new rules, including that reviewers have to stick to the books, can’t comment on authors. So I guess the half of a review devoted to me, personally, was what got the first person kicked out.

      I do like the strict focus that NaNo gives me, but it’s stressful to try to churn out so many words every single day, and I’m having a harder time dealing with stress with each year that passes. I don’t do any of the social stuff, except for commenting on a few of the forums, so that’s not an attraction for me. But we’ll see when next year rolls around. Never say never.

  2. Great news about your Goodreads situation, Catana. Justice has prevailed! It’s (almost) enough to restore my faith in human nature. I’m going to read some novels by authors I’m friends with on WordPress. Which of your books would you recommend as a starting point? I like to study how writers develop in terms of ideas and style.

    1. I spoke too soon, Danielle. Power went out about 6:30 yesterday evening, and was out for 15 hours, along with heat and hot water. But I can’t complain, compared to what a few million other people are dealing with.

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