NaNoWriMo — The Frenzy has Fizzled

Not that I’ve ever bought into the “frenzy” of NaNo. I don’t do much of the social part, and a few years of it has taught me how to go into NaNo without a severe case of nerves. But here it is, 9:00 on the morning of the first day, and I’m still trying to decide whether to start at all.


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo — The Frenzy has Fizzled

  1. I think you are in crisis, Catana. Your hesitation over NaNoWriMo may have wider implications. From reading your recent posts, I get the distinct impression that you are having doubts about writing fiction in general. Probably because of this, you seem to be spreading yourself rather thin with a new political blog and a plan to write a series of short non-fiction eBooks.

    If you are indeed in crisis, there are two ways to go:

    1) Jump in with NaNo and get your feet wet. Perhaps you have over-prepared and got more wound up than you realize. I’m sure the Goodreads “attack” and the hurricane must have taken an emotional toll. I know they would have frayed my nerves. Making a NaNo start might renew your interest and sense of purpose by giving you a narrower focus. Toss all else for a month, and drill down on NaNoWriMo. Think of it as a busperson’s holiday. You can review your situation afresh come December when you are more emotionally stable.

    2) Back away from everything and take some time to calm down and think things over. If you are overwrought, a plunge into a stressful NaNo might finish you off. There is always next year.

    You know yourself better than anybody. Down deep, what do you sense is the right way to go?

    1. You’re making a lot of sense. In fact, I started thinking about everything that’s happened lately — you can add in October being my worst month ever for Amazon sales — and realized that I’m way more stressed out than one or two things would account for, and that’s a big factor in my being so uncertain about what I want to/need to do.

      Another thing that came to me this morning is that I’ve been in editing mode for so long that I’m having a hard time switching back. I’ve managed not quite 400 words so far today, and that’s in short spurts. I’m taking CMStuart’s advice to see how I feel after the first day. I really do want to write this novel during NaNo, but have been feeling lately that it’s just too complicated and will never be as good as I originally hoped it would be. That alone should have been a warning sign that I’m in a bad place, emotionally.

      So I’ll see if I can stick with NaNo and, per your advice, put everything else on hold.

      Thanks for your insight. It’s very welcome.

  2. It would be great to see you active again for this year’s NaNo, but like the earlier comment suggested, you’ve got to judge for yourself what’s best. If you don’t make it in, however, I’ll miss you there. ))

  3. It is one of the dangers for writers, Catana: editing requires a completely different brain wavelength from writing – especially 1st draft material; I am currently having a heck of a hard time trying to get back to a long overdue 1st draft. Frankly, I think you have done NaNo, and that anything it had to offer you is now over.
    Take care, I’ll email ASA I can. And if there’s anything I can do, let me know.

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