New App from the Scrivener People

This should come under the heading of Very Bad Things. I don’t need to be trying out a new toy during NaNo. I just discovered, via that the beta of a new piece of writer’s software is available. It’s called Scapple and is a freeform text editor/note maker, somewhat like a mind map, but text only. And only for the Mac. Sorry about that.

I expect to run into some bugs, but I’m going to try it out because I keep looking for a way to make random notes and connect them in various ways. Text programs are strictly linear, and mind mapping is invariably a bit more complex than I’m interested in. This seems to be what I’m looking for, and given that I consider Scrivener the best writing program in the world, I’d be surprised if this little app doesn’t turn out to be excellent.

It’s free right now because it is a beta, and I can’t resist trying it out. And I’ll do the right thing and report problems. It expires at the end of the year, but the retail version should be out as soon as the beta testing is over.

Interested? Go here:




6 thoughts on “New App from the Scrivener People

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Windows version coming up when this one is launched. It’s a very simple program so it shouldn’t take anywhere as long as it did to develop a Windows version of Scrivener.

    1. I had an excellent mind mapping program that I actually paid for and rarely used. I’ve also tried MindNode, but didn’t care for it. My problem with mind mapping programs is that they’re too complex — more than I really need. I took a good look at Aeon Timeline recently, though that’s really a different class of program altogether. Not only too complex, but too rigid for my tastes. But everybody works differently.

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