I really truly meant to write a post today, but clean forgot about it. Blame NaNo. The numbers are getting up there, and the finish line is in sight, but I’m beginning to wonder if I have enough material to go the whole way. Actually, I do have enough, but I’ve been winging it ever since the partial outline got left behind, and each day I have to figure out what plot elements I haven’t dealt with yet. This is the first time since my first two disastrous years that I’m basically pantsing it. As usual, around this time of the month, it’s getting on to burnout time, so some days are a major slog.

I planned for the novel to be episodic, but it’s become episodic with a vengeance. There is a lot of shuffling around and building bridges in my future. I didn’t even have to read tea leaves to know that.


2 thoughts on “Interim

  1. It’s amazing how well novels written in this way can sometimes turn out, Catana, so don’t worry too much. Sure there will be a lot of shuffling, and a lot of bridge building, but you’re on top of it already in that you are aware of that.

    1. Thanks for that boost, Danielle. Some days I’m afraid this novel is such a mess that it needs to be trashed. Other days, I look forward to the challenge. It’s been really hard to find the heart of it, but I keep catching glimpses of it amid all the confusion.

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