NaNo’s Done

Another novel is in the NaNo bag, my shortest one yet (planned that way) and looking better than it should because the validator added about 350 words. The last few days have been like pulling teeth with a few flights that took off unexpectedly. I’ll probably keeping adding to it for a few days, but mainly, I’m ready to tuck it away in its drawer and go back to finishing other projects.

Will this be my last NaNo? I won’t know until next year, but it feels like it.

Now I can get back to blogging. And editing.


3 thoughts on “NaNo’s Done

    1. Still struggling, Thomas. I’m determined to put it away for a while, but I’m doing some prep work for the next draft. Best to do it while it’s still fresh in my mind.

      Validation is just inputting your novel into a text box so the words can be counted and your winner status verified. There are always discrepancies in word count between various word processers. This extends to the validation software used on the site. If you input what you think is exactly 50k, you might wind up losing words or having words added. I’m guessing that different software was used this year because I’ve never had that large a discrepancy before, even using the same word processor.

      An interesting aspect of validation is the worry of some first-timers that their work will be stolen. It’s “read” by software, and when the count has been verified, it’s deleted. Gad, who’d want to steal some of the awful dreck that’s churned out in November? And who would spend their time looking for something to steal, even if it were possible?

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