Post-NaNo Odds and Ends

I’m having a heck of a time trying to get back to something like normal mental functioning. It’s hard to focus on anything for very long, so I’m either reading, web surfing, or watching DVDs. Two more episodes of Firefly to go. Can I resist going right on to Serenity? I doubt it. Everything else is so up in the air, I think watching it will give me a sense of completion in one tiny area of my life.

With my usual impeccable timing, I have absolutely nothing even close to being ready for publication. That means missing the holiday season and any extra sales it might bring. So — some time next year.

I’ve been pecking away at New Serfdom, but it’s only been minor editing, and making some notes. But I suddenly had the idea that it could be the first in a series, and that, believe it or not, helped solve one problem with the further development of the novel. A very short prologue, which would serve for each volume (assuming I get that far), would establish the background and I wouldn’t have to figure out a way to supply that and avoid doing an infodump.

The second book would be a prequel, going back to Nolan Graves’ father and the establishment of the barony. The third, if I can pull it off, would carry out an idea I’ve had for years, but never seriously planned to develop. It would bring a new group of people to the barony, and bring about unexpected changes.

In line with my intention to concentrate on SF from now on, I’ve trashed a couple more stories in the hand slaves universe. There are still two stories hanging on, one almost finished, the other barely started. Their future is uncertain.

I’m setting up a new blog, on Blogger. It will eventually take the place of Dark Boundaries and of the barely-started website on Weebly. Reasons: 1. Expanding from WordPress may widen my reader base. 2. I’d like to direct-sell the books in ePub and PDF formats, and I can’t do that on WordPress. 3. Blogger has greatly expanded its features, and offers much more flexibility than in the past. A lot of professional writers are using it, and some aren’t even bothering to disguise it. For instance:

Most of the materials on Dark Boundaries will migrate, but the focus will be on the inspiration for my fiction. I haven’t settled on how that will work out exactly, but it will include a lot of quotes from my reading. I don’t want it to get in the way of more important projects, so I’m not rushing



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