Settling in to Work

I think I’m finally through the after-NaNo letdown. The New Serfdom isn’t exactly going on the back burner, but it won’t be my primary focus for a while. My main writing efforts (at least until I change my mind and switch to something else) will be aimed at A Well-Educated Boy. It’s been much on my mind, and since it will be no more than another very long short story, seeing it finished within the next couple of months isn’t going to be the stressful project that a novel would be. As I mentioned in the intro to the first fragmentary draft I posted under WIPs, it’s very dark. And depressing. Bullying, suicide, enforced conformity, surveillance. YA science fiction. If anybody even buys it, it will probably get terrible reviews.

More immediately, I’m working to finish up the Weebly website. I’ve done a fair amount of work on it in the last few days. From not being sure whether I even want to bother with it, to being eager to get it finished and online, in a practically overnight turnaround. Who knows, it might get me a few more book sales.

I’m also back to working (very slowly) on my first Squidoo lens. Once the website is up and running, Squidoo will be my next nonfiction focus. With the heavy interest in all things Christmas, there’s no point rushing to finish anything non-Christmas until the holidays are over.

I joined Quora this week — very briefly. I’d read interesting things about it, but the site is so damned secretive that you can’t even read it without signing up. So I did. It’s a question and answer site. Think of it as a very refined Yahoo Answers. You can also blog there, but I’m not sure if anyone bothers, and I didn’t try out that feature. Bottom line, no matter what topic I picked, there was more trivia than substance. If you have the time to wade through it, it might be interesting. After three days of exploration, I deactivated my account. Apparently you can’t really leave, and I suspect that deactivated accounts go into the membership numbers that make a site look good to advertisers.


5 thoughts on “Settling in to Work

  1. I agree with you about, Quora, Catana, it’s the weirdest site. When I first came to social media in August last year, I joined anything and everything; I even contributed a couple of answers to the Quora site and got me a couple of followers! I was surprised at how good the SEO was, I got entries for all three of my humble efforts, but in the end, I just couldn’t stand it. As you say, trivia drowns out the good stuff. They still send me a question once a week, something profound like: if you were marooned on a desert island, who would you prefer – Brad Pitt or Robert Redford?

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