Bits and Bobs — Not Necessarily Related

I do have opinions that aren’t writing-related, but I’ll save those until last for the benefit of anyone who’s inclined to froth at the mouth.

Progress reports —

The Weebly website is up and running. It’s pretty much a carbon copy of Dark Boundaries, and will be taking its place once the Dark Boundaries domain expires. It’s strictly for book promotion, and one more place for people to stumble across them by accident. It will be pretty static except for new pages for new books, and maybe some free reads.

Have been working on the timeline for The New Serfdom. It wasn’t important while I was writing the first draft, but everything will make much more sense if there’s a workable chronology, especially for Gil’s flashbacks. Onetti, a character who appears only once in the first draft, will be somewhat more important, so it was necessary to figure out where he originally came in.

I dip into Dystopia Now! my new Blogspot blog, every now and then, working out how I want it to look. Got the book covers on the first page today. No links yet, or sale pages, but that will come. It will be a combination book promotion site and blog about current and future events like climate change, pandemics, and other good stuff.

Since I don’t do the social networking rounds, I’m going to see whether making the books more visible in various places will bring more sales.

That’s it for progress reports. Now for the opinions.

Everyone has something to say about the most recent mass slaughter in our fair land. The two things that come to mind (maybe three) are hypocrisy, the madness of crowds, and the ever-recurring patterns of outrage, demands that something be done, and failure to do anything at all.

The touching picture of the prez wiping tears away prompts only outrage in my soul. Can I say ‘crocodile tears’? This is the same man whose administration has absolutely nothing to say about the deaths of children in places that are conveniently and safely out of our sight. Like those killed by US drones in Afghanistan. Or those killed in Gaza by Israeli forces. I could name other places, but what would be the point? And why are the deaths of children so much more moving than the deaths of innocent adults?

We should all be grateful for the internet, which allows people to foam at the mouth and illustrate their stupidity in a time which frustratingly makes it difficult to form into mobs and set jailhouses on fire or act as lynch mobs. But I’m not sure that the innocent people targeted as baby killers by the mob realize how lucky they are.

Gun control? Forget about it. Whatever laws are finally passed (if that ever happens) there will be little or no change. Because the violence goes too deep and has too many causes that have nothing to do with guns. The US is the most violent nation on the face of the earth, and that’s saying a lot in the face of repression and violence in so many other places.

Rant over. Whoever wishes to may proceed with the foaming.


4 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs — Not Necessarily Related

  1. I ran out of gun debate foam a few years back. But I’m not immune to the continued senselessness.

    “This is the same man whose administration has absolutely nothing to say about the deaths of children in places that are conveniently and safely out of our sight. Like those killed by US drones in Afghanistan. Or those killed in Gaza by Israeli forces.” That was my first thought while watching Obama’s statement. My second thought- he doesn’t even own his emotions anymore. He may feel emotion, and cry emotional tears, but he’s been programmed to do so, as with all modern presidents. He gave the majority of the public exactly what they demanded from the POTUS in this situation. That’s how presidents get to be presidents. IMO.

    1. “That’s how presidents get to be presidents. IMO.” There are so many questions that we could ask, but there are no answers. Is the prez a liar, an actor, or just someone who’s able to dissociate from reality? Does he even know? They say Hitler loved children and had pets.

      I’m too tired to foam anymore. Living with your eyes open does that, after a while.

  2. I haven’t been able to watch TV since El Python made his appearance, but I eventually heard about the mass shootings on radio. (Still tearing the back room apart, ditching things and cleaning, and wont let the cats in.)
    I agree with you that gun control isn’t where it’s at. Apparently, there are more guns per capita in Canada than the US, but they don’t have the problem the US has. Looking at world events since WWI, it does seem as if the US is a violent and vengeful nation. I fear history will not treat her kindly.

    1. You are quoting an urban myth, Danielle. Guns per capita are roughly .9 in the US compared with .3 up here in Canada. In other words, there are three times as many guns in America, per capita. Another difference is the Canadian ban on private ownership of assault rifles. Only handguns and long guns are allowed. Handguns are tightly regulated and registered and there is a mandatory delay in taking possession. (Cooling off time!)

      America has (compensating for population size) five times as many shooting murders as Canada. That said, I think you have to look at other factors besides gun ownership. Our cities are smaller, so Canada doesn’t have such high levels of urban poverty, nor do we have millions of scared illegal immigrants trying to survive outside the system. America does face some unique problems when compared to other developed countries. Don’t be too hard on yourselves.

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