What is There to Say?

Looking at the Kindle books page on Amazon, I see that The Hobbit has been in the top 100 for the last 67 days. Why? Because publicity for the movie has blanketed the internet and probably television and every other form of mass media. Suddenly, everyone has to read The Hobbit, a book that has probably been toddling along with moderate sales to Tolkien fans.

NASA puts up a web page announcing that people have nothing to worry about. The end of the world is not at hand. Taxpayers’ money was spent to assure the ignorant that they can come out of their shelters.




2 thoughts on “What is There to Say?

  1. It’s summertime over here, Catana, and you know what that means, where I’m concerned. Jessie, while I share your feelings about avoiding commercialised works, I must say I read The Hobbit many years ago, long before they made a movie of .. the Rings. It’s a good book and interesting if you like runes. Tolkien was an expert in olde Nordic languages, and his rune alphabet is very reliable. Funnily enough, The Hobbit sold well when it was first released, and Tolkien’s publisher asked him for another book of that type; he was horrified when he saw rhe ms of the Rings, and for a while it looked like never getting off the ground. How very chancy is publishing and being published – and how unpredictable.

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