Browser Frustrations

Today is the first time in over a week that I’ve been able to access WordPress’s Reader. I subscribe to a good number of blogs and to several topics, so this has been pretty damned frustrating. And the problem, as usual, has been Safari. As much as I prefer my Mac apps and the Mac operating system, I’ve always been aware that Safari is a weak link. Apple does tend to expect the world to conform to it, and when the world refuses, the user gets screwed. I’ve avoided Safari for years, but when one browser I used, and then another, went away, it was a choice between Safari and Firefox. I didn’t care for Firefox in its recent incarnations, and Safari offered built-in Readability, so the choice was clear. Until recently.

First, went through some major changes, and the graphics no longer loaded in the article lists. The whole time I’ve been reading Salon, I’ve never been able to see the comments on articles, but brushed that off. Then WordPress’s Reader went away, and with it, the ability to even see who I was subscribed to. So I tried Firefox, with less than happy results. Salon showed up accurately, (Yay, comments!). The Reader page loaded, but scrolling was crippled and jerky, and the page always wound up locking both the browser and my computer.

So now I’m on Chrome, which I’d been avoiding. partly because I hate giving Google control over another part of my life, but also because the UI and preferences aren’t exactly standard. But everything shows up perfectly, and I was able to download the Readability extension.

I really hate browsers.


2 thoughts on “Browser Frustrations

  1. Problems like sites not loading correctly are most likely due to out-of-date plugins such as Java or Flash, not the Browser itself. Try updating your plugins, and if that doesn’t work, if it is the browser causing problems, there are many more browsers out there than just Safari, FireFox, and Chrome. has a great list of list of all the different browersers available for Mac, as well as reviews.

    1. I don’t have any plugins, and did update both Safari and Firefox. Also Flash. And Java for Safari. None of that made any difference. I’ve looked into other Mac browsers and found reasons for not liking any of them. So far, Chrome is working out pretty well, though it does have a very limited number of preferences. I may look into other alternatives since it’s been quite a while. I know Opera is very popular, but I disliked it more than any other I’ve ever considered. The UI is very bizarre.

      Just took a look at the link. I had no idea there were so many newer alternatives. Will definitely be checking them out. Much thanks.

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