Synapses are Sparking

The writing hiatus seems to be winding down, thank goodness. Various projects are showing signs of activity, a bit sluggish yet, but encouraging. First and foremost, The New Serfdom has come out of dormancy with the decision to just write, damn it, let the words fall where they may, and be prepared for surprises. The second draft is going to be much more than a revision. It will be putting flesh on the bones and acknowledging that there’s no way it’s going to fit into a novella word count. It started out being Nolan’s novel, but it’s become Gil’s novel, and it’s turned, as Thomas suggested, more in the direction of literary fiction. It’s science fiction in the little touches, not in the grand scheme.

Squidoo is still very much on the table with one lens fairly well along in development, and another barely started. I have over three dozen idea for lenses, with new ones popping up out of nowhere, so this is a long-term project.

I want to expand my sales outlets, so I’ll be trying Kobo Writing Life again, even though reports indicate that it’s still having intermittent problems. At least the books will be out there. And I’ve been made aware of a fairly new sales site that looks more professional and far more promising than Gumroad. Ganxy is still in beta, and a question I sent to them was answered, very satisfactorily, within a few days. I don’t feel like trying to describe it, (maybe in a future post), but it’s worth looking at, particularly if you have an author’s website where you promote your books.

I have a lot of possible posts swimming around in my head, but not quite enough ambition to do much about them right now. Posting will be slow for a while, but I hope to get back up to speed soon.


5 thoughts on “Synapses are Sparking

  1. Sounds like everything’s coming along nicely, Catana. Yep, 2nd drafts are usually, in my experience, the draft where the flesh goes on the bones and the word count goes up. Of course, whole scenes might end up getting ditched later, but that’s OK.
    I was just getting into stride on my 40k when the python made his appearance. I finished my wild cleaning and sorting and chucking yesterday (I’m exhausted, the ‘real’ world demands so much physical work!) so now it’s back to the computer, and here’s hoping the words will come.

    1. I really was hoping to make this a novella (sheer laziness, I know), but it isn’t to be. I’ve already done some scene-ditching, and all to the good.

      I do housework in little dribs and drabs. It means I’m never caught up, but there’s no one but me to care. Hope you get back in stride. All those words are waiting.

    1. I wouldn’t do that from the start. It just wouldn’t work for me. But with the basic framework of the book, and knowing the critical events that will take, and a deeper insight into the characters, it’s the right time. Mainly, it’s a matter of letting the characters speak for themselves.

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