Nonfiction Projects for 2013 — Tracking

I’ve mentioned that fiction won’t be my primary focus this year, so in the usual spirit of this blog, I’ll be tracking the development of my nonfiction projects the way I track the fiction projects. And, incidentally, noting that this is not the way to promote my books, according to the experts. But when do I ever do anything that follows the rules? Whatever vague ideas were floating around in my head when I started this blog, it’s become a sharing with other writers. And if that doesn’t do anything to improve my Amazon ranking, so be it.

Two major nonfiction projects — Squidoo and The Maverick Writer. Today, I’m making my first serious effort to tackle TMW, after more than a year of procrastination, so that’s where I’ll start.

The Maverick Writer is intended to be a series of short ebooks or booklets about . . . writing. Surprise! It’s going to be based on the posts that some of you good people have been reading here. Why the procrastination? Because the mass of material that’s accumulated here has felt like a jungle with no paths. How in the world do I sort and organize it to make sense for a new audience? Or even an old audience that might like to be able to follow one topic? 483 posts. That’s just too overwhelming for someone as organizationally impaired as I am. And the problem was made much worse by the way I tried to set about it. Ass backwards. There’s no other way to look at it.

I started adding posts, in their chronological order, to a Scrivener project. The plan was to read each post and assign key words to it. That bogged down after about thirty posts, and nothing more happened for the next year or so. But my innate genius (slow and dim) finally broke through this morning. I have a list of possible topics. Duh. Organize the topics, throw out the duplicates or those that don’t fit, and plug the posts, one by one, into the appropriate topic. There’s nothing speedy about my thought processes, so it may take a couple of days to work my way through the list. But I’ve made a start.

There are plenty of annoying details to work out. Make it clear that the booklets are about fiction. Design a uniform cover. A blurb to cover the series and a blurb for each booklet. Set a uniform length? Publish one at a time, or several? Ad infinitum.

It’s probably going to be a year’s work, and I’ll be jumping, as usual, between various projects. The New Serfdom is still mostly in a thinking stage right now. For anyone who was interested in Andy’s story, I’m working on expanding it into a short story. I won’t be starting any new stories or novels this year, though ideas will still be noted. That stack of WIPs has to come down to a reasonable level first.


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