Fantastic Review and First Squidoo Lens

Once in a while I have a good reason to give myself a pat on the back. Today is one of those days. First, an insightful review of Hidden Boundaries by Thomas Cotterill – Thanks a million, Tom (if you don’t mind the diminutive). You should check out his blog, even if you’re not interested in the review. It’s always thoughtful, and sometimes challenging.

Second, I finally published my first Squidoo lens: Unusual Uses for Scrivener Software. I’m still feeling my way around, so some tweaks are probably ahead, but it’s live and breathlessly waiting for readers.


3 thoughts on “Fantastic Review and First Squidoo Lens

  1. You commented an email to me somewhere around Christmas, that you were ‘hornswaggled’ (there’s a new word for me, we don’t have that in Aust’a), when I told you that there have been times, over the past 18 months I’ve been dipping my feet in the internet, that you were like a light in the forest to me. Well, here’s another example! When I first came upon you (you’d left a comment on my post: Amazon, KDP, a poisoned apple), I didn’t even know how to put tags on my blogs, maybe now you can see why I used that description of you. Well done – again!

    1. We’re all learners — always. Sharing what I learn is a basic part of me. Always has been.

      Hornswaggled is an old word referring to having been cheated or stolen from. But I’ve always seen it used to mean something like amazed.

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