Browser Woes, Squidoo, Hunting Tea

Now there’s a batch of completely unrelated topics for you. You’ve been warned. No writerly wisdom here.

For those who remember my bitching and moaning about WordPress’s tweaking, a short update. Because Safari no longer displayed Freshly Pressed or the Reader, I had to find a browser that would. Firefox refused. Settled on Chrome for a while and found Google too intrusive, so tried Camino. Which worked — for a while. More WP tweaking and the new versions of Freshly Pressed and Reader were god-awful. Downloaded another obscure browser today, which works, but on the principal of doing the same thing over and over being a form of insanity, I tried Safari again. Lo and behold, and halleluia, they’re back. Though FP is now non persona grata for me. I don’t read that many FP posts, and I’m not going to waste my time scrolling through them. Displaying them as a collection worked nicely for a quick scan. How long before WP breaks Reader again? I’m counting on it happening, probably not too far in the future.

January is turning out to be Squidoo month. Not exactly what I planned, but I’m not really in the mood for serious devotion to fiction, so it works out fine. I have two lenses up, two more in process on the site, and dozens waiting in the wings. It will probably be months before I see any money, but it’s pull-in-the-belt time anyway, with January so far having had not a single book sale. At least I’m not buying any books this month and maybe not next month because the TBR pile is just ridiculous. Buying books is one addiction I need to cut back.

The tea hunt. I had an incredibly delicious cup of tea at a Chinese restaurant many years ago, and have always wished I’d thought to ask what it was. So I’m seriously hunting it down. I bought a box of Oolong today, and that isn’t it. The Oolong is just barely drinkable, to my taste, so the hunt will go on. Does anyone know of a Chinese tea that is flavorful but delicate? No smokiness about it, so it probably wasn’t a black tea.



8 thoughts on “Browser Woes, Squidoo, Hunting Tea

    1. If you know a little bit, that makes you an expert, in my book. Light color, I think. Golden? Don’t remember the aroma. I think it was very slightly sweet, but not cloying. Maybe a bit flowery. I’m pretty sure I’ll just have to go through a bunch of teas, but maybe you can make a few suggestions that would narrow it down.

      1. My guess is it was a variety of white tea, such as Baihao Yinzhen (Silver Needle), or Bai Mudan (White Peony). Maybe sweetened Chamomile tea. Possibly Darjeeling white, though that tea is from India. A lot of supermarkets carry Bigelow White Tea with Raspberry and Chrysanthemum, it could have been that.

        1. That’s a good lead. Definitely not anything with chamomile. I know that flavor and hate it. I suppose it’s not impossible a Chinese restaurant would have an Indian tea, but on the other hand, it occured to me that it might have been a blend made specifically for restaurants. Anyway, I consider this an adventure, so I’m looking forward to trying some white teas. Thanks.

    1. I’ve heard of Jasmine. It will probably show up sooner or later for a trial. I’m going to check out samplers on Amazon. Was looking at the grocery story the other day, and in spite of there being shelves and shelves of tea, the majority were herb teas or “designer” blends that seem to be so popular these days.

      1. Herb teas don’t qualify as teas at all in my opinion. They can smell nice, but they don’t generally taste of much. Is there a Chinese shop near where you live? They might have a more varied and traditional selection.

        I wouldn’t have thought of ordering tea off Amazon – they have everything it seems now.

        1. I live in a nowhere suburb, so no specialty stores of any kind. Though I notice that one of the empty stores has a sign that a deli is coming. Nice idea, but I doubt it can survive here. Yeah, I depend on Amazon for a lot. I don’t have a car and don’t have the energy or patience for buses, so anything out of the ordinary comes from Amazon or other online stores.

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