Latest Activities

January was an incredibly busy month. For some reason, I was unusually organized and got a lot done that I’d planned to do. How long will this streak of real accomplishments last? I can only cross my fingers and make offerings to my muse — or muses. I have a strong suspicion that there’s more than one and they’re often fighting for my attention.

I concentrated on Squidoo for the entire month, but didn’t completely neglect other projects. Added more notes to New Serfdom. Finally found a better name for The Way it Really is. It’s now Someday Will Be Too Late, and is going through a major revision. Found a beautiful image for the cover and worked out the design basics. It needs some refinement, and that will come this weekend.

What else? In the process of creating images for Squidoo, I spent a fair amount of time with Logoist. I’m stumbling through it because the tutorial and so-called User Guide are skimpy and nearly useless, but I’m figuring it out. Mostly.

What can I say about Squidoo? First, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I have six lenses up and they’re doing very well for comparatively unpopular topics. There are three aspects of Squidoo that come into play for me. 1. There’s a real opportunity to make money there, via several different paths. 2. It’s excellent for indie writers’  book promotion. 3. It’s inspiring. Coming up with ways to improve and update my lenses, and attract readers, is an ongoing challenge. My mind is buzzing with ideas, many of which go beyond Squidoo. So it’s a boost to my creativity.

What’s up for February, assuming that this busy streak continues? I’ll be slowing down on lens creation in order to continue with major writing projects. I hope to publish Someday Will Be Too Late this weekend, but we’ll see how that goes. I have another short story that’s been neglected, but I’ve found some interesting material that will enrich it, so no regret. More work on New Serfdom. Sign up with Ganxy for book sales.

The link to my Squidoo profile and lens list is now in the right sidebar. Maybe later this month, a post that goes more deeply into Squidoo: why I like it, and what I’m learning there.


One thought on “Latest Activities

  1. Great to hear your various projects are going well, Catana. All I really achieved in January was 12K of the sequel’s first draft and a book review for THE VILLAGE JOURNAL, a little paper with a circulation of 2,000, that comes out of the hills around Mullumbimby. I must finish the sequel’s 1st draft by the end of March as it looks as if I’ll have to teach some Fiction Writing Workshops through Byron Community College, to keep finances afloat.

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