Updating and Little Brother

Not too much going on in my writing world lately except for Squidoo. The problem with Squidoo is that it’s totally addictive for someone who’s interested in dozens of topics and wants to be able to write about them. It’s a good alternative to setting up separate blogs, though I do have one underway on Blogger for posts about science fiction.

I’m determined to get one story published this month, though I’m not making much headway at the final revision. The Way it Really Is (I think that’s what I named it), is now Someday Will Be Too Late. If I mentioned that before, ignore me. I finished the cover today, so that’s at least one step. Had to double check on dimensions, since all the sites are now demanding larger covers. And for anyone who wants a fairly decent way to create a cover from an image, I’d recommend iPiccy, a free online photo editing utility. The font selection is limited, but better than FotoFlexer’s which used to be my favorite site for quick resizing, cropping, and basic editing. I never figured out how to use layers in FotoFlexer, but in iPiccy, they’re dead simple.

I finally got around to downloading and reading Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, and really regret that I put it off for so long. I started it fairly late yesterday and stayed up until one, but had to put it down unfinished so I could get some sleep. I read so much about it, but was always a bit turned off by it being more or less a YA novel. As well as dystopian SF, which I do like. Not that they’re all bad. But Little Brother is so far from being typical YA that it doesn’t even belong in that category, really. What can I say? It’s funny, scary, and way too close to being something that could really happen.

Skeleton plot: terrorists bomb the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and Homeland Security goes apeshit, arresting anybody who seems the least bit suspicious, which can be nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our high school “hero,” Marcus, is snatched up with some of his friends and spirited away to “Gitmo on the Bay, where he’s imprisoned, interrogated, threatened, and radicalized. He and his friends are hackers, and when he’s released, his only goal is to take down Homeland Security as a threat to the Constitution and American freedom.

Read it. It’s a free download from here.

The sequel, Homeland, came out recently, and I can’t wait to read it, but I’ll have to. It’s only in hardcover and expensive Kindle right now.



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