New Short Story

The shortest story I’ve ever written, it came out of nowhere, and took half an hour to write. Not exactly my SOP. It’s on Wizzley, and I won’t be posting it anywhere else because Wizzley doesn’t want to see duplicate material. I will be writing a number of articles there on the subject of imprisonment and other human rights issues, so I posted the story there as a kind of introduction.

A Precarious Freedom. About 700 words. More a sketch than a short story, really, of a prison inmate who’s just been released from solitary confinement.


3 thoughts on “New Short Story

  1. I liked the story. Well, maybe liked is the wrong word–“was impressed by,” “felt moved by”–because how can one “like” something so devastating?

    By the way, you have just written a piece of flash fiction. It’s a fun genre, and one that I have just started to explore. It contains all the elements of a longer piece–plot, character development, story arc–condensed into one tiny little package. A challenge!

    1. The irony is that I don’t even like flash fiction, as a general rule. Maybe it’s because most of the stories I’ve come across read as if the length was more important than the content. I prefer to let stories be as long as they need to be, so if one wants to be that short once in a while, I’ll let it. I just want the story to work. Your reaction says this one did. Thanks.

      1. I absolutely agree about letting the story dictate length (and even form). But it can be fun to play with the challenge of trying to find a story that wants to be told in a particular form.

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