Short Report on Wizzley

Nine days and five articles, and I’m liking the site very much. I’ve published on a lot of content sites over the years, including some that meant well but just couldn’t pull together a workable plan. Wizzley seems to have figured that out. The editor is nicely done, and it allows a moderate amount of customizing for your articles without having to know HTML. Plus the option to use HTML if you want to get fancy, which I’m too lazy to do.

I’ve found a few kindred spirits interested in many of the same topics I’m going to be writing about, and the friendly atmosphere encourages supporting each other. When I write about the death penalty, for instance, I’ll link to other articles on the site.

Money will have to wait. At the moment, whatever Amazon book links I include will benefit the site, but not me, since my lack of a phone means I can’t sign up as an Amazon affiliate. The peace and quiet of the last year has been lovely, but things are beginning to pile up that require a phone, so I’m going to have to sit down and see if I can get the damned thing working again. The phone wiring in my apartment building is ancient, so it’s iffy.

I’m still working out how to avoid a conflict of interest later on. Wizzley requires that material it publishes not be available anywhere else. I’d like to write some articles based on this blog, but that will potentially conflict with the Maverick Writer ebooks I also plan to write. It’s really just a matter of making sure the wording of the books doesn’t look as if it was copied from the articles, though that would normally be a good approach. The Wizzley articles would be promotion for the ebooks, when they happen, so theoretically, it’s worth writing the same material in two different ways. Of course, the ebooks will also be longer and go into more detail.

I have such a backlog of topics I’ve been wanting to write about that Wizzley is seriously interfering with fiction right now. But I’m on the last proofreading (or next to last) of Sometimes is Too Late, and the cover is done, so I’m making some progress there. Looking at all the projects underway or to be started or restarted, it’s pretty clear that NaNoWriMo is off the board for this year. No hesitation or doubts as there were last year.


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