Digging in Again

Someday Will Be too Late is completely out of the way now. Added it to the sidebar here, and made a page for it on the website. On to bigger things.

The Perfect Slave is going to go through some serious rewriting now that I’ve found an ending. I’ve been hunting for a proper ending for just about forever, and once it jumped up and hit me in the face, it was one of those moments — why the heck didn’t I think of that a long time ago? It seems so obvious now. It provides the drama I was looking for, and I hope people who read it won’t see it coming. I’m going to have to rethink parts of the structure, but it’s already starting to work itself out in a vague sort of way.

I’ve dived back into The New Serfdom, and hope to finish it in the next couple of months. I’ve already started thinking about cover ideas because that’s usually a long process. And I’m hoping for lightning to strike and provide me with a better title, because I come up blank every time I think about it.

Next major project should have been getting into GIMP and learning more about graphics. Instead, I just plunked down $50.00 for a bundle of Mac apps, Including one I’ve been wanting for quite a while. But $80.00 for one program is just more than I can even think about. Anyway, I now have ten new apps, most of which I’ll probably never use. The prizes are 1000Fonts (I’ll never have to go hunting for fonts again), a little photo manipulation program that I played with last night — PhotoStyler — and the biggy, DevonThink Pro.

The timing for DevonThink is really good because I have hundreds of research articles piled up in folders, and no practical way to sort through them and find material that I know is there and that I need — desperately. It’s a document management program that uses AI (or at least something that they call AI), to organize, group, track and just generally make it possible not to go crazy with an excess of information. Instead, I can go crazy trying to learn the damned thing. This is one program that defies sitting down and playing around to figure everything out. It comes with lots of documentation, which is pretty daunting in itself. It’s in PDF format, which means I can do all the underlining and note-taking that I need.

At the tail end, there’s Wizzley. My sixth article is almost finished, but I can’t wrap my head around it right now. My thinking about how I want to use Wizzley has been evolving, and I’ve decide it’s worthwhile even if I never make any money from it. Maybe more about that one of these days.


4 thoughts on “Digging in Again

  1. Catana, went over and bought a copy of Someday, but you know me: I hate reading online, so it will probably be a while before I can read it as I’m still trying to clear my Inbox after 2 weeks away. Best,D de V

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