Burning up the Keyboard

I know this is probably getting boring, but Perfect Slave is going so well that I just have to share the thrill I’m feeling. I’ve written over 2,000 words today, and I’m about a chapter away from the end. Knowing me, I might poop out and not write anything tomorrow, but now that I have the ending firmly in hand, I’m less likely to goof off. It would be a real accomplishment to finish it by the 16th, since that’s when I started it two years ago.

I’ll still have editing and some rewriting to do, but I did some over the last year and I don’t see the rest as being a problem. It’s being under 50k is also a big help. No cover idea yet, alas.

It’s a good example of what happens sometimes, in spite of your best intentions. I had planned to keep working on New Serfdom, but Perfect Slave got into my head and wouldn’t let go. I just hope I can avoid the hand slaves universe for a while after this one’s finished.


4 thoughts on “Burning up the Keyboard

  1. So great to hear of a writer on a roll! I go back to mine on Monday after a 2-week enforced ‘holiday’ when I didn’t have the computer. Only 17K to go and then I know that, come what may this year with all the kerfuffling about putting out the first book, I’ve got a 1st draft that’s long enough to be able to work on without having to do a whole lot of extra new writing. Btw, I love your covers, they’re always really good.
    Hoping to read Someday over the weekend while I still have the time.

    1. Join me on the roll. I haven’t written as much today (700 words so far, compared to about 2,500 yesterday, but it’s still going well. Little surprises keep popping up, even in the midst of knowing pretty much what I’m doing.

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