Checkin’ in

Just odds and ends. Editing on A Perfect Slave is going well, and I’m beginning to get a glimmer of an idea for the cover. I have seven articles up on Wizzley, and that’s just about all the actual writing I’m doing. I’m finding Wizzley a nice site for getting to know people interested in some of the same topics I am. The forums are set up for casual conversation as well as the usual information and “help me” stuff, so I’m glad I dropped Squidoo in its favor.

I hope to have Perfect Slave ready for May publication, and it’s probably going to be one more bit of pressure to stay with the hand slaves universe, which sells better than anything else I’ve written. Hidden Boundaries has sold over 200 copies now, but since June will be two years since I first posted it on Smashwords, that isn’t exactly spectacular. It’s still encouraging because sales may be very slow, but I can see that if I get more work published, I can probably expect small increases in my income from writing.

I’ve been thinking about ways to expand the scope of Dark Fiction, my website, and make it more interesting. I have a section for free reads, with only one story so far, but I’m going to take a look at some of my undeveloped story ideas and see if some of them would be suitable for flash fiction, under 5,000 words.

Another idea that I haven’t gone deeply into yet, is a section to promote other dark fiction writers. That means psychologically dark, not horror, paranormal, etc. I’d thought about doing something like that here, but it doesn’t really fit. The only writer I know of with the requisite quality that I’d be willing to promote, and an oeuvre large enough to make it worthwhile for readers to explore is Dusk Peterson. There may be some more rattling around in the back of my head, but if any of you have some suggestions, I’d be glad to consider them. I want to focus on writers who don’t fit in the mainstream and who deserve a larger readership than they’re getting.

NaNoWriMo is definitely not on my schedule this year. 2013 is for finishing WIPs, not starting a major new one.

6 thoughts on “Checkin’ in

  1. “since June will be two years since I first posted it on Smashwords, that isn’t exactly spectacular.”

    Yeah, only five times better than I’m doing. 🙂

    “If any of you have some suggestions, I’d be glad to consider them.”

    Well, of course I don’t know what you consider to be quality. If you want writers not being published by m/m romance presses (I assume that’s what you mean by outside the mainstream, because darkfic is pretty darned mainstream in science fiction and fantasy), there’s Manna Francis, Maculategiraffe, M. Chandler, Jesse Hajicek, Marquesate, Rolf and Ranger, Remy, and Scribe. Basically, follow the original-slash trail, and the non-m/m-romance darkficcers show up.

    1. It’s hard to believe that you’re not doing better than that with at least *some* of your books. That has to change, somehow.

      Jesse Hajicek — thanks for the reminder. He (she?) is a possibility. The problem with the rest, and most of the writers I come across is the emphasis on sex and violence. I haven’t checked out Marquesate yet, because military fic doesn’t usually interest me. (Just don’t ask why I’m a fan of Special Forces, okay?) I recently came across Rolf and Ranger, and while I enjoyed the series, it seriously needed editing. Way too repetiitive. The other criteria is that I want to stick with publlshed work.

      Slash did prove to be the trail, but I wore out my interest in it a while back. Now, if I read slash, it’s to find new writers.

      I’m familiar with and/or a fan of all the above writers except Scribe. That’s not enough for a Google search, so if you head back this way, could you give me a lead?

      1. “He (she?)”


        “The problem with the rest, and most of the writers I come across is the emphasis on sex and violence.”

        It’s sort of hard to write gay darkfic (or het darkfic) without at least the threat of sexual violence. Not impossible, but it’s an obvious way in which to create darkness. And you like my stuff, so I gather that sex and violence isn’t a dealbreaker for you?

        “Just don’t ask why I’m a fan of Special Forces, okay?”

        You realize Marquesate co-wrote that, right?

        Scribe is here. I have a review online of one of her het works. I rather like “The Further Adventures of Clive, the Leather Hairdresser,” but she’d probably drive you crazy, since you’re looking for well-edited works.

        1. Yes, I know about the co-writing of Special Forces, which took years for me to finally stick with long enough to read the whole thing. It’s very rare that I can read military fic, so SF was an exception. I couldn’t tell you how many times I started it before I was hooked. I may give Marquesate a try someday, but the TBR list is so long . . .

          My writing does tend to focus on *gay* darkfic, but mostly not for the sexual overtones, though I don’t avoid them if they fit. I just started a dark all-male story which will have no sex, implied or otherwise. But I’m moving away, in general, from anything that could even hint of romance, slash, m/m, and toward straight SF.

          I dipped into the Clive stories some time back, and decided they weren’t for me. At least now I can connect them with an author’s name.

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