Amazon Rolls On (Over)

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Amzon has purchased Goodreads. I suspect this will be good for Amazon and for nobody else. One article said that Goodreads was the only remaining independent social book site. No longer. They already own Shelfari and have done nothing to promote or develop it. I’ll wait to see how things develop before making any decisions about my participation on Goodreads.

It’s an interesting coincidence that yesterday I started looking at books on Barnes and Noble. I don’t own a Kindle and never will (or any other dedicated ereader), so I read Kindle books on my computer with the Mac app which has become a serious pain in the ass. The app is badly flawed and, as a result, my library is increasingly cluttered with books that I’ve deleted but that don’t go away. Ebooks on B & N are often a bit more expensive than on Amazon, but it’s reached the point where it’s worth it to be able to read them in ePub or other formats with any of the apps I have on my computer.

There are a lot of reasons why I appreciate Amazon, but their monopolistic practices are among them. Online shopping is a lifesaver for me since I live in a small community without much in the way of variety, and don’t have a car. But I’m going to be moving away from Amazon’s one-stop shopping as much as possible. Not that the monolith will notice or care, but I’ll feel better.



6 thoughts on “Amazon Rolls On (Over)

  1. Oh, that is distressing. I have come to really like Goodreads, partially for that friendly feel–I can see what my actual, real-world friends are reading–and partly just to help me keep track of what I have read and what I want to read. But I am sad that another independent has gone away. I hope at least the creators of Goodreads got paid well.

  2. Not good news, Catana. and to add to it (possibly), there’s a bit of talk about the possibility of B&N disappearing. I know no more than that, but I did fall over the rumour on a reputable blogsite. Strange days …

    1. There’s a lot of talk flying around about B & N going away, but I don’t think it will happen any time soon. Still, anything to do with books is going to remain pretty unsettled for the next few years.

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