David Gaughran on Amazon/Goodreads

Gaughran is generally a pretty unbiased observer of the writing and publishing scene, so this post is worth reading. Do I agree with his general take that Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads is mostly likely to be a good rather than a bad thing? Not really. Assurances from either side of the table are never to be relied on when money is the bottom line. And, whatever Amazon’s long-term intentions, the company is quickly becoming a monopoly. You don’t have to accuse Amazon of being evil to understand the evils of monopoly. There was a time when one of the government’s jobs was to protect the public from them by breaking them up and by passing laws that limited how much a company could own. These days, it either looks the other way or colludes.

The bottom line is that the three major social book sites are wholly or partially owned by one company.


One thought on “David Gaughran on Amazon/Goodreads

  1. I agree that we shouldn’t rush to judgement, but as you said, Amazon has it’s fingers in almost every pot. Of course that is going to change the way those pots cook and/or change the way the content tastes. It would be stupid of us to think otherwise. Some will like the changes, and others will not. Personally, I did like that GoodReads was separate. It felt, and acted ,independent of what the site (or Amazon or whomever) wanted to sell me. I guess we’ll just have to see whether I can live with the changes.

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