A Novelist’s Dream – Thank You, NRA

A dream that’s really a nightmare — ideas that fall into your lap and exceed your own imagination. I started a story about a young man who attends an ordinary high school in the near future. He’s a bit of a rebel, engages in passive resistance to the rules, and the administration finally gets tired of it. He’s committed to an “adjustment” center for students in need of straightening out. It’s all very modern — the ID scan and search at the door of the school, the cameras everywhere, the rigid lesson plans, constant testing, etc.

I have plenty of references to use as a basis for the school environment, and Annette Fuentes’ book, Lockdown High: When the Schoolhouse Becomes a Jailhouse, is on my shopping list. But I don’t think even she could have imagined what the National Rifle Association has planned for our schools.

On Alternet this morning: 16 Frightening NRA Police State ‘Solutions’ That Will Turn Our Schools into Gun-Crazy Nightmares In a 225 page report, the NRA lays out what they think it will take to keep our children safe in school. Alternet focused on 16 points. Ready to start homeschooling your kids?

1. Only more guns will stop violence. (Nothing new there.)

3. The NRA should train armed school staff. (Or there.)

6. Assume no school is safe. (Because school shootings are the rule rather than the exception.)

7. Track and spy on “problem” kids.

8. Overview: spy on kids, lock campuses, position guards.

10. Spy on schoolwork for violent fantasies.

11. Monitor social media use and posts.

15. Remove unnecessary plants and trees.

16. Surveillance cameras in schools and buses.

Welcome to our safer schools. And thanks, NRA, for providing me with nutcase details that I might not have thought up on my own.



2 thoughts on “A Novelist’s Dream – Thank You, NRA

    1. I’ve thought of some of them, but always in the context of something that *could* happen *someday*. Science fiction is having a hard time staying ahead of reality these days.

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