Various Odds and Ends

I just sent an “I’m not bribeable” mail off to an Amazon book seller. I recently bought a book described as “Very good” that turned out to be heavily yellowed, and had quite a lot of pencil marks throughout the first quarter of the chapters. So I left a 3-star “neutral” rating and a description. So here comes a notice that my money has been refunded, and the request to remove the “negative” rating. I told them to reverse the refund, if they want. I didn’t ask for one, and I’m not going to remove an honest rating. I should have remembered to tell them they’re now on my list of sellers to avoid.

It’s impossible to get away from Game of Thrones if you spend any time at all on the net, even if all you do is skim over the pictures and headlines. So I got curious. Read a summary of the books first. Didn’t sound too promising — dragons and ice people? Not my thing, really, but a well-mounted costume will always catch my attention. It won’t necessarily hold it for long, but I’m willing to give a shot. Didn’t work for The Tudors, which just got more and more ridiculous as it went on.

Turns out you can watch the first episode of the first season on Amazon, for free. What the heck, it’s free. Half an hour was enough. First, the ominous disappearance of a lot of corpses. Ooh, scary. Not. Then a lot of well-costumed people standing around, mostly looking uncomfortable. And finally, a gaggle of apparently mindless, giggling women, in the nude of course, because that’s the bleeding edge these days (eye roll), throwing them on poor Peter Dinklage.

Maybe the books would be more interesting? Found a couple of analyses and decided that even without the dragons and other supernatural thingies, this epic would be a monumental waste of reading time.

On the writing side of things, priorities are falling into place. I’ll be focusing my Wizzley articles mostly on three or four topic areas, with an occasional dip into others, for relief.

The new blog, Doing the Time, is still in development, and the posts, at present, are mostly links to articles, along with a few comments.


I’ve been thinking about working up some of my story ideas, into shorts that won’t take forever to complete. And sending them off to magazines. We’ll see how that goes.

Finally, on the novel front, I’m coming close to abandoning The Perfect Slave. The more I look at it and consider its POV and its value, the less interested I am in finishing it.




5 thoughts on “Various Odds and Ends

  1. I had a similarly dismissive first response to Game of Thrones, (I remember the giggling, naked women irritating me) but by about episode three I was beguiled by the depth of plot and characterisation and hooked. I doubt you would prefer the books as the writing-style is not brilliant, peppered as it is with cringe-worthy cliches. I find the TV series entertaining, but if you don’t like dragons or anything supernatural, you’re probably right to avoid it.

  2. Hope you just put Slave in the bottom drawer and don’t ditch it completely. I’ve found you never know when you can cannibalise something you thought was useless. I just found what I considered a 1,000 word story, never published, that might (emphasis on might) fit into the novel I’m currently writing. Anyway, I dropped it in; the novel’s only at the 1st draft stage, there’ll be plenty of drafts later where I can decide if it stays or goes.. . .

    1. Late night idiocy. Read the comment wrong. Anyway, I’ve tucked it away, just in case. I’ve thought about changing the structure if I ever do get back to it. Or maybe cut it down drastically so that it fits a larger work with other characters.

  3. I tried the series myself, Catana, and changed channels after ten minutes of the most asinine dialogue I have heard in ages. The gaggle of giggling nudes might have held my attention though! 🙂 (It’s no use rolling your eyes.)

    1. Okay, no eye-rolling. I don’t mind the nudity, just the giggling, plus the whole concept of let’s get this show on the road by being as outrageous as possible.

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