Writing A Book About Writing

Now that A Perfect Slave is in the final editing stages, I can begin working on another writing project. It’s been a tossup between several unfinished novels and stories, but I’ve decided to take a break from fiction for a while.

I was planning to write a series of short books based on the posts I’ve written here, but the hassle of preparation for publishing scotched that. So it’s going to be one book, tentatively titled The Maverick Writer’s No-Rules Guide for Indie Authors. I dumped about two years worth of blog posts into a Scrivener project several months ago, and let them sit while I’ve been cogitating on how to handle the brute. Organizing all that material is the biggest problem, and until I’d solved that I couldn’t move on. It’s been solved, and I made a start today. It’s a very small start, but at least I can now be fairly confident that this is a doable project.

Lots and lots of work ahead, so I may be over-optimistic in hoping to get it finished and published before this year’s NaNoWriMo. Preferably in September. It isn’t about NaNo, and will probably have no more than a mention or a very short chapter about it, but it’s reasonable that some of the NaNo participants might be interested in it. [fingers crossed]




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