Setting a Doable Course for 2013

It isn’t as if I haven’t tried to do this before, but it seems to be one of those things that keeps shifting under me. Staying organized, meeting goals — there must be a gene for that, and I was born without it. But I keep trying. If there’s one thing that I keep relearning is that I have to be realistic about how many writing projects I can handle at one time. That’s why I start so many that I have to drop, even though I’d really like to keep them going. You can count all the blogs I’ve started and deleted among the victims. And online writing, which is another whole story.

In the name of sanity, I’ve decided that the most major projects I can handle at one time is two — one fiction, one nonfiction. The rest can be broken down into “Secondary” and “Sporadic.”

Here’s what that looks like at the moment. Always subject to change, of course.

Perfect Slave – final editing, proofing
Maverick Writer – gathering, categorizing, editing, expanding blog posts.

Gift of the Ancien (novel) – major rewrite
The Warden (novel) – revision
New Serfdom (novel) – revision
Disposable (novella?) – writing
A Well-Educated Boy (short story) – writing

Empire of Masks (novel)
Breaking New Ground (novella, continues Boundaries)
short stories

As soon Perfect Slave is published, I’ll move another novel up to priority. That will probably be Gift of the Ancien. It’s been around the longest, and an excellent critique straightened me out on what it needed. I’ve already shifted some material around, and determined what needs to be cut, and what needs to be added. Unless I run into problems, it should be ready for publication by early Fall.

If I can publish two novels and two short stories, that will be a good year’s work. If I can manage more, it will be a miracle.



9 thoughts on “Setting a Doable Course for 2013

  1. I’m just amazed you can have so many works in progress at once! Even if some get put on the back burner for a while. Now that I’ve finished editing my first publication, I need to format and I can’t do that while working on my next WIP or my head might explode.

    Amazing. I hope I can be as awesome as that someday!

    1. That’s not awesome, Sarah Jayne. It’s just one of the results of being ADD and getting bored very easily. I’d probably go nuts if I tried to confine myself to one project at a time. Ideas are always bubbling up, so while I’m hacking away at major projects, I’m also making notes and sometimes writing fragments for stories that may never come to light. Also, being able to skip around helps keep me from burning out.

      I’m hearing that a lot of writers prefer to have more than one writing project in the works, but everybody’s mind works differently. Sometimes I envy people who can focus on just one until it’s complete. So don’t put yourself down if that works best for you.

        1. Thanks, but in some ways, that’s the hardest part. Laying it out in a list, like I just did, helps a lot. And reviewing it every so often. But using a program like Scrivener is what really makes the difference. It lets me organize my work so that bits and pieces don’t get lost. I truly credit Scrivener with keeping me as much on-track as it’s possible for someone like me to be.

          1. I can only imagine. Really. Just imagine. I don’t mean any disrespect at all and I don’t mean to minimize what difficulties you must be having.
            I still think it’s amazing and I’m glad you’ve got a sort of system to help keep it (somewhat) in order 🙂

  2. Sounds good, Catana. I wish I could manage more than one novel a year, but Ah doan think so. The best I can hope for is 1 novel and 4 short stories per year – and not all the stories are long enough to be sold on Amazon and/or SW.

    1. Don’t forget, my novels are already written and are either complete or nearly complete. But they were written over three or four years. All I’m doing now is finishing them up for publication. Even then, it will be pushing it to publish two novels and the nonfiction book.

      Nothing wrong with one novel and a batch of shorts for a year’s work. I’m working on the pricing thing for you. After I send it, we should talk more about how to approach getting you published.

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