Forward Progress and a Goodreads Surprise

Without thinking much about why, I settled into one of my reading orgies for the last few days. I have a suspicion that it’s my way of escaping from my own work when it becomes too intense and I need a break.

A Perfect Slave is finished — with an additional, unplanned last chapter. During the final edit and revision, I had a nagging feeling of incompletion, which led me, (temporarily, thank goodness) to thinking that the story could well support a sequel. Then I came to my senses and wrote a final chapter. I’m sure the people reading it on Live Journal won’t be happy with the ending, but it’s the only possible one. That didn’t change, but what the novel needed was a fuller justification for the ending. And I’m finally happy with it. I’d like it to be the last entry in the hand slaves universe, but there are more WIPs that keep nagging.

There’s still one final run-through, for proofreading, and it was probably that prospect that drove me to escape in a reading binge. The biggest obstacle to publishing it, now in front of me, is the cover design and creation. Hope for a May launch is fading rapidly.

On the WIPs front, slow, erratic progress. On Maverick Writer, I’m almost finished slotting blog posts into chapters. The next step will be editing the posts down to essentials until I have the basic material for each chapter.

Made notes for a major change in The Warden, which will bring it to a more satisfying conclusion — a create a lot more work in rewrites.

Still wrestling with A New Serfdom. The focus has done nearly a 180 degree turnaround, with Nolan Graves and Gil Saltor sharing the spotlight rather than Gil as the secondary character. Still hunting a major conflict, but I feel that this novel has the potential to be my first real SF.

Gift of the Ancien, which was supposed to be next on the finished list, is giving me major headaches. Shifting a character who disappears early on back onto the stage means a massive rewrite, and having to solve all kinds of peripheral problems. Just now, it’s very tempting to abandon the whole project. On the plus side, I did manage to reduce two excessively long chapters to one.

Goodreads. You just never know when someone is going to take notice of a book and bring it to other readers’ attention. The Darkest Prison, which hasn’t exactly been a huge success, suddenly appeared on my home page. I’ve finally figured out that when that happens, it means someone has reviewed it. And wow! Three new reviews, all four and five stars. Which have led to three sales this month. Considering that the story can go months at a time without a sale, that’s spectacular. It’s a horror of a story. Truly. Psychological horror that came out of some creepy corner of my mind.


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