Various Ends and Odds

I mentioned, a while back, that I’m posting next-to-last-draft chapters of A Perfect Slave on my Live Journal blog. Eleven chapters are up so far, and reception (from a very small fan club) has been enthusiastic. Sometimes a bit too enthusiastic and for the wrong reasons, but . . . readers are entitled to see what they want in a story. Anyway — I finally created a master post for the novel’s chapters. If you’re interested in taking an advance peek, here’s where you’ll find it: A Perfect Slave Master List

The mere thought of creating a cover for the novel has been enough for me to go into procrastination-and-denial mode. So it was a surprise to find myself working on it last night, and actually making real progress. As usual, I’ve gone through various design ideas and settled for the simplest possible one. Part laziness, part resistance to cluttering things up. I’ll probably finish it today, and then not look at it for a few days, for the same reason that’s it’s always a good idea to step away from the novel or story for a while — to gain a fresh perspective.

I stumbled into an excellent post today, by a WordPress blogger I may just subscribe to. She writes both fiction and nonfiction, which makes her blog somewhat more interesting to me than the average writer’s blog. The post is Five Fiction Killers. Her discussion of characters who don’t want anything, and characters who fail to react to events that should provoke an emotional reaction, are particularly good. Also worth paying attention to is the bit on unimaginative writing, which happens to be one of the faults that can turn me off a book unless the story and characters are so great that they can make me overlook it.


2 thoughts on “Various Ends and Odds

    1. I’ll probably post the new cover early in the week. It’s basically complete. Just needs a bit of tweaking.

      Not just reviews — sales! Have sold five copies of The Darkest Prison in the last 24 hours or so. And the first reviewer may be responsible for a little flurry of sales for other books, too. It was looking to be an awful month, so that was a lovely surprise.

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