Which WIP and Why

A Perfect Slave is in the last stages of readiness for publishing. Nothing but laziness is keeping me from refining the back matter, checking the formatting and doing the conversions to .doc and .mobi. My mind has already moved on to selecting the next WIP to complete. And I’m having a hard time with it.

There are plenty of advantages to having a number of WIPs online, and one big disadvantage: which one to pick next. I’ve kept working on several, off and on, including another story in the hand slaves world. I’ve been back and forth about completing that one or writing any more hand slaves stories at all. And I’ve decided to keep on with it for one reason: they sell better than anything else I’ve written. I suppose that’s a concession to the money mentality, but it has nothing to do with getting rich (will never happen) or even buying more goodies for myself (I’m not much of a goodies victim).

My income is just above the poverty level, and I’ve found that Medicare is more likely not to be there when you need it than it is to do what it’s supposed to. More important, there are causes that I want to support financially since I’m not in a position to volunteer for anything. The money I earn from my writing, as little as it is, gives me the leeway to send a check now and then to one of those causes.

So, I’m doing a read-through of The Warden, but I’m not sure that’s the one I want to work on next. I’m trying to finish up the major WIPs, more or less in the order they appeared, which means that Gift of the Ancien would come next. It’s the most likely of all my WIPs to attract a larger number of readers than I usually get, but the least interesting for me. If I pick something that’s closer to the direction I’m moving in, it would be A Well-Educated Boy, about  the privatization of public schools, and the methods which might be used in the future to ensure students’ conformity and obedience. The chances of that selling well are probably zero.

What I really need is two of me.


2 thoughts on “Which WIP and Why

    1. I’ve just about finished the read-through of The Warden, and it’s beginning to feel like I’ll stick with it. I meant to write you today, but that took up all my attention. Tomorrow, then.

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