Not Your Average Day

Frustration, indecisiveness, and one small good thing.

The whole day has felt weird. It’s passing so slowly that I feel as if the clocks have almost stopped. I didn’t expect getting up half an hour earlier than usual to have side effects.

This is the day I was determined to get A Perfect Slave up on Smashwords and Amazon. Didn’t happen. I tried, but got an error from Smashwords, and checking the different editions, found that the epub lost its indents, so all the paragraphs run together. I hate formatting for publication — with a deep, dark, virulent hatred. That was so damned depressing that I gave up for the day.

So, given that I’ve come to dislike Smashwords anyway, I approached the rest of the morning depressed. And that’s no way to try to figure out whether to continue with the current WIP or drop it in favor of something else. It’s also no way to delve into the research for the criminal justice book I’m working on. Skimming my daily news sites and finding new articles  that convey the malevolence and venality of the penal system and its officials is no way to recover from that depression.

But my new blog just got its first subscriber. Pretty good going, considering that most days it doesn’t even get any views.


2 thoughts on “Not Your Average Day

  1. I don’t know how you do it, Catana. Those formatting joys/horrors are still ahead of me. But I get a lot of courage from the fact that you ARE doing it, so thank you for all the trailblazing.

    1. Oh I do wish it was trailblazing, but it’s more like bumbling. It seems that every time I publish I make different mistakes. But I’ll get there sooner or later.

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