Stupid Kiddies Playing Around Again

My new blog, Something Just Happened, has had 321 views today. Good news, eh? Not when it’s only had two visitors. I’m not at all sure what the point is or what the idiots get out of their antics, but apparently it’s enough to keep them at it. It’s happened two or three times on this blog, so I expect that it will pop up again over there.

And it’s happening here. 36 views so far, with only three visitors. Have fun, idiots!

Other, non-idiot bits.

I’m going to try to write at least a couple of hundred words a day on A Well-Educated Boy. I don’t want it to distract from other projects, but do want to keep it moving forward.

Took a break from The Warden, and considered dropping it for a while, but I’m almost halfway through this edit and would hate to lose the momentum.

Work is progressing slowly on the nonfiction book, to be entitled Set Me Free. Mostly pulling together the research materials, including making notes and pulling quotes from books. Lots of reading and rereading ahead. Also working out a structure for all that material.


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