Odds and Ends Mid-July

Outrage first, because that’s about all I can feel about the Zimmerman trial verdict. A man with a gun follows a teenager who he outweighs by 50 pounds, kills him and claims self-defense, and is acquitted. The media’s happy touting of the “post-racial” meme is shown up for what it is, and the US is shown up for what it is, a country in which justice is still available only if you’re the right color. (As long as you’re also the right gender and economic class.)


An offer to send me a copy of an author’s book in exchange for an honest review. It was my first, so I suppose I should be flattered. She’d seen my review of another book (science fiction) and since her book is very much like it (which it isn’t, not even remotely), she thought I’d like to read hers. As it turns out, I’d seen the title, and had looked at the blurb some time back and decided it wasn’t something I wanted to read. What gets me is that she seemed to think that two SF books labeled as dystopian were in any way similar. Even a comparison of the two blurbs would have disproved that. Anyway, I turned down the offer, politely, and wished her well.


Work on the nonfiction book, Set Me Free, is ongoing. More reading than writing, at present. Emotionally, it isn’t getting any easier, and whole days go by when I avoid it completely.


Decided to put off publication of A Perfect Slave to the Fall.


The plotline for A Well-Educated Boy is beginning to shape up. I think I even know how it ends, which is pretty unusual, for me, at this stage of the game.


July is shaping up to be my worst month, ever, for book sales. Three on Amazon; one on Smashwords.


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends Mid-July

  1. Catching up on online stuff now that I’m moved. The Zimmerman verdict happened while I was in transit. I don’t understand the reasoning of the “not guilty” verdict. It’s mind-blowing. Can somebody explain the “logic” of it even just a little bit? Anybody?

    So people are allowed to stalk and kill other people now? This sets a dreadful precedent. Take a walk in your own neighborhood and it’s open season. This applies to everybody, even the Zimmerman supporters.

    Anyway . .

    I hope your sales pick up. Keep cool.

    1. A big whoopee! for book sales. Up to seven now.

      There was a lot that was hinky about the Zimmerman trial, including an incompetent prosecution, which I (and probably many others) suspect might have been deliberate. Also information kept from the jury, and the defense effectively putting Trayvon Martin on trial and positioning Zimmerman as the victim. There’s talk of a civil rights suit. I hope it comes to pass. But it’s waking people up to the miscarriages of justice possible with the Stand Your Ground law. Including the case of a black woman denied that defense and sentenced to 20 years, even though she didn’t hurt anyone: http://www.salon.com/2013/07/19/imprisoned_mom_still_hopes_stand_your_ground_can_help_her/

      So maybe there will be changes.

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