Lighthearted Links for Sunday

Because the reading I’m doing for Set Me Free is about 98% depressing.

A must-read discussion on Kboards: One of “those” conversations. When people ask what you do for a living.

Balls on the Line. World Vasectomy Day: on the calendar for October 18. “100 doctors in 25 countries will make some pretty important snips — and you’ll be able to watch online.” This is a real project, hoping to get enough contributions to get off the ground with a world-wide focus on population control as it applies to the environment and resource use.

I’m old enough to remember a time when this kind of topic was discussed strictly behind closed doors, where the kids couldn’t hear. If it took place at all. Anatomical specifics were verboten — period.

Orange is the New Black – from any number of sources, rave reviews, because you know, prison is so sexy, cute, and hilarious. Okay, that’s not exactly light-hearted, but at least we can always count on TV to give us the “real” picture.


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