Mid-August Odds and Ends

Summer is always physically hard for me, and that affects how well my mind works. Right now, there are a lot of issues that are making it even harder for me to focus, so I’m in scattershot mode for the forseeable future.

I posted A Perfect Slave on my Live Journal blog, as a serial, chapter by chapter. Now I’m doing the same on Archive of Our Own, a free fanfiction site, and for some reason, that’s moved me back to working on the novel and expanding it, rather than more or less abandoning it. The version I’ve been posting is “next to last” rather than the final version, which is about 2,000 words longer. I’m not setting a possible word count for the “final” final version because that isn’t the way I work. I’m going through it, chapter by chapter and finding places where it could have been more fully developed. So that’s one piece of the current mix.

Another, of course, is Set Me Free. Work on that is very intermittent because it’s entirely depressing and because I know that even if I finish and publish it, it will sink like a stone. Still, it’s something I’m driven to do, so I can’t abandon it. Second piece of the mix.

Third is A Well-Educated Boy, which, typically for me, is evolving from a bare idea without a clear middle or ending to a story that I think will work. So work on that is progressing, also intermittently. Number three in the mix.

Last, is something that I may or may not continue from its bare start — an article about Bradley Manning’s apology to the court in the last week of his trial. In all the articles I’ve read so far that are responses to it, there are issues that no one has brought up and that I think are terribly important. I’ve been disinclined to write serious articles because I have no platform for them. I’ve started blogs, but it takes so long to build up a readership for a new blog that spending time and effort on anything important is like throwing words down a deep well. But I recently joined Quora, after much hesitation, and if I do write the Manning article, that’s where I’ll publish it, on my blog. I wasn’t aware, until I did join, that you can maintain a blog on Quora. The interaction I’ve found there with other members tells me that any articles I post there might at least have a chance of being read. We’ll see.

So that’s where I’m at for now — the grasshopper mind jumping frantically around, hoping that it will actually accomplish something eventually.



2 thoughts on “Mid-August Odds and Ends

  1. You are a veritable mine of information, Catana. I didn’t know that one could maintain a blog on Quora. I joined about 2 years ago, but found most of the questions so annoying I gave up on it. But the people there seemed more alive, so I think you’re right about putting the Manning article there. SET ME FREE mightn’t sink like a stone. I think it’s the tone and the angle you write it from that will ultimately determine its fate.

    1. I joined Quora a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying it. Of course, there’s a ton on nonsensical questions and discussions, but I just skip over those. And for a question and answer site, it’s heads above any others I’ve looked at.

      It seems to have added a new feature (or maybe it just looked different and I missed it before.) It lets you mute questions you’re not interesed in so that they don’t keep reappearing in your feed. I don’t know how it was set up when you joined, but you can follow and unfollow topics and members. There are quirks to get used to, but there’s really interesting stuff there. Lots of professional people. I knew about its existence, but I didn’t really get interested until one of my news sites started to publish topical Quora blog posts every once in a while. I’m keeping the link to one discussion for a possible post here sometime: Who are some of the most impressive teacher/student or mentor/protegee pair in fiction? The answers show a significant cultural shift in what people are reading or whether they’re reading at all (it’s very heavy on examples from movies and tv.)

      My profile page is: http://www.quora.com/C-S-McClellan

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