No, No, NaNo

That didn’t take long. Once I started thinking seriously about rewriting New Serfdom for this year’s NaNo, and actually looking through it, some troublesome areas starting working themselves out. More notes, and 800 words written a couple of days ago, and the realization that there’s no reason to throw out the good with the bad. Probably 50 to 75% of what I wrote last year is worth keeping, so why make life harder for myself?

The main difficulty is still how to structure it, but rewriting it wouldn’t have solved that problem. What I’ll be doing for the time being, along with revising and editing the first draft,  is writing scenes and fragments, without trying to figure out where they belong. Eventually, they’ll start shifting the overall tone of the story and they’ll find their own places. I’m sure that sounds crazy to any seasoned writer, but I’m learning to be comfortable with my mind’s non-linear wanderings. Sooner or later, they’ll get me where I want to go, and it’s certainly not any place that I could have set up as an outline.


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