Ebook Pricing, Kindle Worlds and Other Miscellania

If this post isn’t up to my usual standards, blame The Book. I’m trying to stay functional after only six hours of sleep last night. I get some of my best ideas when I’m trying to fall asleep, and if I don’t get up and write them down, I know I’ll lose them. It would probably help if I wasn’t thinking about the writing at bedtime, but last night I was, and I had to turn on the light for a bout of scribbling. I’m glad i did because when I transcribed it this morning, it was good stuff, but now I’m paying the price. Anyway…

I’ve talked about various aspects of ebook pricing in past posts, but it’s a topic that never ages on forums, so this is a short summary of the decisions I’ve made over the last year or so.

All my published books will have a price. None will ever be free, unless insanity overtakes me and I set out to write a multi-volume erotic space adventure series. In that case, I might make the first one free for a limited time.

I will never sell my novels for $.99. Unless I write one that’s unusually long, the standard price will always be $2.99. Nonfiction is a whole different kettle of fish and I’ll price that accordingly. The Book, Set me Free, will be either $3.99 or $4.99, depending on how long it turns out to be. Two reasons. It takes a lot more work to write than fiction, and if it’s well-done and an important subject, it’s worth more. I intend to keep only one dollar of each sale for myself. The rest will go to supporting the fight against the death penalty and life without parole. At $2.99, that doesn’t leave much for the cause. Okay, three reasons. Too low a price for nonfiction cheapens it by giving the impression that it’s not worth much.

Amazon’s Kindle Words is a new publishing opportunity for people who like to write fanfiction, or who are willing to give it a try. Some publishers and franchises have signed on to allow people to write fanfiction based on their books and make money from them. It won’t be as much of a cut as writing your own original stuff will give you, but the audience is, if you pick the right fandom, already built-in. People were already writing free stories based on Hugh Howie’s Wool world before Amazon jumped in with its two enormous feet. Now they can earn some money, with Hugh’s blessing.

Not my cup of tea. Either writing or reading. I read a very small amount of fanfiction on a free site, but I’m not a fangirl, in the sense that I would devote much time or any money to it.

I also note that at least one publisher who’s put a well-known author’s work up for fandom grabs, obviously has no idea of what fanfiction is all about, and is doomed to disappointment if they thought they were about to make bigger bucks on the back of a dead author. That might be a topic for another post someday. Maybe.


One thought on “Ebook Pricing, Kindle Worlds and Other Miscellania

  1. I’m with you on the pricing, Catana, and defintiely agree with you on yur take re non fiction. for me, I’m finding it’s going to be especially hard trying to make a buck from a print copy: my most likely readers are in Australia for a start, and Amazon only gives the writer 35% not 70% royalties when sales are to Australians. On top of that, the postage is horrendous – something like $13.50 for a 300 page print book to Australia at expedited, which still takes 19 business days. So, at the moment, if I want to bring the book in at a real price of under $25 for Australian buyers, I end up getting about 60 c per book. But the poor old Aussie buyers have paid about $24.00, aieeee!.

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