This and That

It’s a week and a half to NaNoWriMo, and I’ve done about as much getting ready as I can. I plan to write at least seven stories, with three more as backups if the seven don’t come to 50,000 words. But I think they will. One is a spin-off from a novel that I started, but if the story comes off well, maybe I won’t bother with the novel. After all, it isn’t as if I don’t have enough projects hanging.

Like last year, I’m approaching NaNo without either excitement or nerves. After four successful years, I know how to do it with the least amount of stress, so I’ll keep working on other projects throughout the month. For a little while, I was thinking about ditching the story collection, leaving it until December or January, and picking up on an idea I’d sketched out a few years ago and had started to write. But the stories are higher priority.

The other idea has “ripened,” a process that seems to be the way my writing projects develop. It’s ready to be written, one of those rare ones that’s so clearly laid out in my mind that I know everything that’s going to happen and how it will end. Considering that I almost discarded it completely at one point, that ripeness is a gift. So I’ve been plugging away at it the last few days and making slow but respectable progress. 5,000 words so far.

I’m still working at expanding A Perfect Slave, and have made notes for a sequel, An Imperfect Slave.

Ideas for Set Me Free keep coming, but for now, I’m still writing short fragments, and concentrating on the research. I’ve settled on three of the men who will each get their own chapter. I’d like to have four, and I know who I’d like to include, but it’s a complicated situation with no real resolution in sight. It will probably be at least a year before I can consider publication, so maybe it will work itself out before then.



2 thoughts on “This and That

    1. NaNo runs the entire month of November. Of course, if you reach 50,000 words earlier, you can quit at that point. I’m a slow typist and run out of energy quickly each day, so it always takes me to close to the end of the month. I usually write well over that number of words (70,000 one year), but last year I just sneaked over the line by a few hundred words. It wasn’t one of my best years.

      I would love to include a woman in the book, but I haven’t been able to find any female prisoners who’ve written an occasional article or story. I’m focusing on people who have a presence on the web and/or have published, and who have also been activists for criminal justice. Women are a tiny percentage of the prison population, and there aren’t even that many men who suit the requirements for the book. I keep looking, though, tracking down leads wherever I can find them.

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