A New Trend? A New Form of Spam?

I’ve ripped my way through several new blogs over the last few months, deleting almost as fast as I’ve created, trying to settle on what I really want to be doing. During that time, several WordPress subscribers would sign up, almost before the “ink” was dry. I usually check out new subscribers because it can be a good ways to discover blogs worth reading. What was uniformly true about these subscribers is that their blog content was commercial in one way or another. I don’t think it would be unfair to say that these people were looking for subscribers of their own and, more probably, a mention of their sites.

I’d forgotten all about that when I set up a new blog this morning. But sho nuff, a subscriber popped up immediately. Is there some reason for me to believe that a blog about prisoners’ writing is instantly attractive to someone who runs a site promoting YouTube music videos? I’m afraid cynical old me just doesn’t buy it.

I hadn’t planned on writing a second post today, but since I have, I might as well mention that Living and Dying in Prison is now live. One post, one page, so far. I’ll post the rest of the material from Blogger over the next few days, including links.




2 thoughts on “A New Trend? A New Form of Spam?

  1. I’ve noticed this trend of random subscribing too – you look at their profile and there’s no sign of any shared interest that seems likely to make one’s blog of interest. I’ve also noted people ‘liking’ the most random pages.

    I suppose some people’s marketing tactic is just to get their name out as many times as possible regardless of the relevance.

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