Blogger – Why Do I Even Bother?

I recently started a new blog, Voices from Prison. On Blogger, for some reason that I can’t even remember. I must have been having a bad day. Or maybe it was because that name was already taken on WordPress and I didn’t want to change it.

Blogger has been upgraded quite a bit, but I can’t really say it’s for the better. The dashboard is a labyrinth of confusion, which is bad enough. The new Pages feature doesn’t allow subpages, which is usually important for me. And, to top it all off, no matter how many times I check “don’t count my page views,” (when I can track it down again from its hidden lair), every time I have to take a look at the blog, it’s counted as a view. So the views that I supposedly have are all from me, and my readers are non-existent.

With my usual perfect timing (less than 24 hours to the start of NaNo, and a book to finish sucking research material from, with copy and paste no longer allowed) I’m trying to find a new name for the blog and hoping that I’ll find the time to transfer everything over to WordPress in the next few days.

I hereby take an oath never to create another Blogger blog as long as I live.



2 thoughts on “Blogger – Why Do I Even Bother?

    1. I’m not sure *enjoy* is the right word. I get a thrill when it’s going well, but most of the time it’s like self-inflicted torture. So why am I looking forward to it?

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