Holy Cow!

Just got a notice from Smashwords that someone (if it’s just one person) bought all three of my novels and both my short stories. That’s never happened before and I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a mistake — for them and for me. I’d never do that with an author I’ve never read, but maybe they read something of mine online. Who knows? Anyway, it made my day.

And I’m up to about 8,000 words on my NaNo novel, even though it’s been a very slow writing day. One story is finished, I’m working on the second, and may add another this evening. Working on two at a time gives me a breather when the brain starts getting tired.


2 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

    1. It would be lovely if it’s from a review. Then maybe I can expect lots more sales. 🙂 No new reviews on amazon or Smashwords. Smashwords sends out separate notices for separate sales, and these were all in one notice, so it was undoubtedly one person. I just really really hope they’re not disappointed. At least they have several days (or weeks) or reading to keep them busy.

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