Priorities Change

Scratched out a thousand words or so yesterday evening after taking the day off from NaNo. It’s time to slow down. I’ll be sticking to a goal of 2,000 to 2,500 words a day from now on. I do this every year after the first few days of frenzied writing. Physically and mentally I can’t keep up that mad pace.

But this year, I have another reason to slow down: the project I mentioned in the last post. I’m extremely obsessive when I get my teeth into a problem that must be solved. Usually, it’s an intellectual problem, more so as I get older and lose interest in my external world. There are lots of problems that can be solved by pretending they don’t exist. Eventually, they will solve themselves.

This particular problem was important to me at one time, until I reached a point where there seemed to be no solution, and no advantage to me even if I solved it. But now it might be important to someone I care about. Even vital. So it’s taken a lot of the space in my brain that would ordinarily be devoted to writing another collection of 50,000 words. Priorities change when time threatens to be short.


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