Fly on the Wall at Kboards

Why I rarely comment on Kboards, the primary forum for Kindle authors. Someone asked, a month or two back, how many forum members buy books from other members. It was a busy thread, since a lot of them do, which made me think about what kinds of books dominate that forum. I’ve never bought a book by a member. In fact, the only time I was interested enough to follow-up on one of the titles that a member was displaying as part of their signature, a historical novel, the sample was so poorly written that I didn’t bother to look at any more of his books.

The vast, and I do mean vast, majority of the genres that Kboards authors write in, I don’t read at all. Romance, erotica, chick lit, humor, horror, mystery, etc. The very rare threads about anything else tend to die a quick death. Nonfiction? Fuhgedaboudit. Literary fiction? The same.

So a new thread appeared this morning, about the death of an author I’d never heard of, of children’s books. Nine comments so far. Why is this interesting to me? Because Doris Lessing died yesterday, and the thread is now buried on page four with the same two comments that were there yesterday afternoon, mine being the last. There are tributes to her all over the internet, but on Kboards, she’s worth only two comments.


3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall at Kboards

  1. Ah, that eases my conscience: I’ve never seen a K board in my life. it looks as if the people on K boards are the same people the commercial, free-TV moguls in Australia produce for, with everything dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

  2. I have come to the same conclusion you did–after searching in vain for some literary kindred spirits, I concluded that, wherever they were, they were not on the Kindle boards. It just wasn’t worth all the time and noise trying to ferret out the few who might wander there by accident.

    1. I skim through the threads a couple of times a day, because sometimes there’s useful (or at least interesting) information. But pretty much the only time I comment any more is when I can be useful to someone.

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