New Blog – Living and Dying in Prison

I’ve added the link for Living and Dying in Prison to the sidebar. This blog is just getting started, but I hope it will motivate people to take more interest in the United States’ regressive and punitive prisons. It will include writing by prisoners, some of whom are waiting to be executed, and others who are condemned to spend their entire lives in prison. Even if there weren’t innocents among them, the conditions in most prisons are as barbaric as those that prevailed in previous centuries.

Our increasingly harsh sentences, including life without parole,  and the number of executions, matched only by countries like Saudi Arabia, are considered by civilized nations around the world a form of torture. For the most part, news about U.S. prisons reveals worsening conditions, with more prisoner deaths by violence (often from staff) and suicide. The idea of rehabilitation has been all but abandoned, and recidivism is correspondingly high.

One in 100 Americans is either in prison or is in some way involved with our so-called justice system. One in 100. Think about it.


One thought on “New Blog – Living and Dying in Prison

  1. Interesting links. You and I have probably been reading many of the same books, but I did not have those links. Thanks.

    Ah, forgot I had a wordpress account; I use it for C.J. Cherryh’s blog

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