That’s something I do well — mavericking. It comes naturally, and the end-of-year holidays are the best time for it. No stress, no obligations, no contributions to the national economy.

I bought a printer from Amazon last month (not on sale) because I need one. No other reason. I have a dozen or more books I haven’t read, so I won’t be spending any money on books for the rest of the year. I’m way past the gifting stage with the few family members I still connect with (tenuously). I don’t observe holidays at any time of the year, so the last three biggies are just like any other days of the week.

I’m not Scrooge. The pervasiveness and commercialism bother me, but not to the point where I feel the need to say “Bah, humbug.” It all seems important to a lot of people, and even if I think they’ve been brainwashed into something that lost whatever real value it might have had long ago, daily life is often hard enough that days off, spending more than they can afford, and even pigging out are better than just slogging on endlessly. Modern life is pretty colorless. It’s too bad that color is allowed in so seldom and within strict guidelines. And that it has to be paid for.


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